About me.

I produce interaction design, visual design, illustration, sound design, photography, videography, visual effects, motion design, and anything in between in order to convey meaning and create connections between people and ideas. As a creative professional and an "expert generalist," I strive to merge as many creative disciplines as possible into a holistic approach to designing human experiences, providing opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas and techniques, and a broader shared vocabulary for discussing design and creative problem solving.

To this end, I've been in the digital media industry for nearly two decades. I've produced work for almost every medium: Print, motion pictures, video, Web, desktop, mobile, kiosks, wall and surface computing...even human skin. My clients have included Adobe, Charles Schwab, General Electric, Google, HP, Intel, the Leakey Foundation, Microsoft, Microsoft Research, National Geographic, New Line Cinema, The North Face, NVIDIA, Reebok, Timberland, and many more.

I'm a frequent public speaker on matters of creativity and interaction design, and have co-authored three books (New Riders, Adobe Press) and countless magazine articles and reviews.

I am currently a co-founder of, and the design director for, Stimulant. There, we make technology disappear, foster conversations and decisions between people, and design interfaces for computers that don't look like computers.

Where's the content?

This site/domain has been active since 1997, so it deserves a rest for a while. What I do has become more and more distributed through the Web over the years, and you can check out some of those sources below.

Stimulant. Noise Jockey. Flickr. Twitter: design, sound. Vimeo. LastFM. LinkedIn.